Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Romance and Flowers - Responses

I appreciate the speedy responses from two of the biggest names in wine writing, Eric Asimov and Jon Bonne. Check out their comments below:

Eric Asimov, the chief wine critic of the New York Times responds:
"In my therapeutic capacity it would be wrong for me to offer specific relationship advice without hearing Diane's side of the story. But I can tell you this. If things work out, you'll have wonderful California pinot noir to look forward to. If they don't, well, at least it won't be Burgundy or Champagne that you'll have to forgo the rest of your life. And remember, you'll always have Paris."

Jon Bonne, wine editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, responds:
"A tricky question. My advice is this -- go for it. If you think it's up to par, and you think the lucky reunion will happen, it'll be worth the $$ to have an extra bottle. Certainly, Flowers is of a quality that, for many people, it will be a truly special wine. But there are many other Pinots in the sea. If it proves to be a special wine for you two, you'll enjoy it all the more. If it doesn't all work out, I think you should be able to find a reasonable substitute for Flowers. Finding another good Pinot in California is certainly easier than finding just the right special person."

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m3avrck said...

Is it wine you seek to tide you over or a symbol to show that something is ending as something much better starts growing?

If it is the latter, I suggest 2 bottles.

One, a bottle of wine that has almost seen it's shelf life, like perhaps a bottle of Beaujolais nouveau from 2006. Near the end of it's life, it's ready to be drank and the life of it's grapes remembered one last time.

And then, an investment in your future, for when the time is right, a bottle of Cabernet from a few regions over, something that will not be ready to drink for 3 years. It needs time to grow and expand and adapt to it's new surroundings.

While the Beaujolais nouveau had a fun and shortful life, the Cabernet will endure and taste much better when the time is right.

- ted