Monday, January 21, 2008

2 Guys Uncorked Launches!

2 Guys Uncorked has launched! After seven months (since June '07) of hard work and wine drinking, Jon and Ted have unleashed their idea onto the world.

2 Guys Uncorked is an innovative, easy to use website dedicated to reviewing wines that can be found at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (and generally, most any other well stocked wine store). We give you the inside info on a bottle before you buy. So check us out right before you head to TJ's or WFs.

A brief overview of 2GU:
-We have more than 30 reviews of wines from around the world
-Prices of the wines reviewed range from $2 to $25, with a strong focus on the $4 to $12 range
-Each wine we review can be found nationwide at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods
-Every review is quick, fun, and easy to understand. No pretentious wine-talk or snobbery
-We take price into account when rating each wine, giving an overall rating anywhere from a best buy to a don't buy
-We abandon the ridiculous 100 point scale in favor of a more open-minded, honest rating system
-Every week we post 3-5 new reviews of wines, along with our best buys and don't buys for the week

To keep updated with all the new reviews and each week's featured wines, please add your email to subscribe to updates (upper right, don't worry we hate spam too) or add the feed to your favorite RSS reader.

If you want to add comments to our reviews or participate in the forums, please create an account and join in on the fun!

And do stay tuned, we have tons of new features coming soon (like iPhone support, shh!).

2 Guys Uncorked: "Making Wine Fun and Easy"

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2 Guys Uncorked

I am sorry about my hiatus from Law of the Vine. I have been working on a site with my friend, Ted Serbinski, called 2 Guys Uncorked. Ted and I review wines from Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Every week, we provide a Good Buy and Don't Buy recommendation. 2GuysUncorked keeps wine simple and fun, doesn't get caught up in technicality, and helps people find great deals. Check it out!